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Gaz and Lou's Safe House

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Congratulations Survivor and welcome to Gaz and Lou's Safehouse. From now until the cloud comes down we'll be posting and sharing all the info we can find to help you live, eat and travel safely, with as little energy, money, and environmental impact as possible.

Storing all that food #2

Feed your groupPosted by Judageddon Tue, January 27, 2015 00:04:03
Fellow Survivors...

Of all methods of sorting fruit and veg, drying is my favourite. The result is light weight, easily packaged in paper bags, and there is little to no impact on the flavour, unlike pickling, smoking and salting. Also, there's no pre process cooking needed so, other than slicing, there's little energy expense.

On that note, I'd like to draw your attention to the solar drying frame. I've chosen this design because I've seen it working, and the build simplicity/enhanced performance trade off seems generous.

The instructions I've found seem thorough, though you will need to drill holes in the tops and bottoms of the cans to allow air flow.

Tap the link below to see how it's done, and keep surviving.

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