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Congratulations Survivor and welcome to Gaz and Lou's Safehouse. From now until the cloud comes down we'll be posting and sharing all the info we can find to help you live, eat and travel safely, with as little energy, money, and environmental impact as possible.

If you like Shrimps and Prawns...

Feed your groupPosted by Judageddon Mon, March 09, 2015 11:13:15

If you like eating Shrimps and Prawns, or Crabs and Lobsters, then you're going to love this...

Hello fellow survivors.

Over the weekend I've been pondering: On the one hand, what's the point in eating insects, if I don't know how to farm them? On the other hand, what's the point in farming them, if I just don't like the taste?

I decided to start looking at how to farm, deciding that: if I know I'll be able to farm them, I can go ahead and eat them (yes, i'm nervous about eating insects for the first time).

Insect farming for human consumption is very new to the West. The first US commercial insect farm only opened in May 2014, that's how new it is, so finding usable information about farming without buying ridiculous technology or an ingenious kit has been hard, but here it is.

The link below takes you to a detailed report of everything from housing, feeding and breeding processes, to financial models for commercial scale operations. It even goes on to cover possible future problems as the industry upscales. It's everything you need to know.

The report, from Teca, also includes acknowledgements and further reading.

Insect farming link from Teca

So now there's no excuse. Once the weather warms up (there's no way I'll be able to do this in the house) I'll start building a small tower based farm that can be housed in a small tent.

In the mean time, watch this space for recipes and a video of me exploring the cooking and eating of insects.

I hope you found this helpful. If anyone knows of other sources of info, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and keep surviving.

Judageddon out.


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