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Congratulations Survivor and welcome to Gaz and Lou's Safehouse. From now until the cloud comes down we'll be posting and sharing all the info we can find to help you live, eat and travel safely, with as little energy, money, and environmental impact as possible.

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ShelterPosted by Judageddon Mon, February 23, 2015 10:13:26

Hello Fellow Survivors

I loved camping when I was a kid: The four of us on an adventure, days on the beach, night time stories, peeing in a bucket, the smells, the spills and cries of 'Euech! Someone's done a poo in it.'
Of course, before breakfast, Dad would take the bucket to the wash house and simply flush the content away. We didn't have to live with the stink, day after day.

But what if the grid has collapsed? What if there is no water to wash the nastiness down the pipes? The average household uses around 125 Litres of water, per day, flushing the toilet. I doubt I'd be able to collect that much water in my urban stronghold, so what would I do with four peoples worth of bucket slops every day? Chuck it over the fence?

There is a solution, and it's double barrelled. It's a dry composting toilet. Not only does it provide a dignifide and hygienic alternative to sharing a bucket, it also generates a steady supply of safe organic fertiliser, which is perfectly fine to put under your vegetables. I mean, we've been using animal based fertiliser for ever; why not use our own? There's plenty of it.

Dry composting toilets are providing sanitary facilities the world over; understandably, most commonly in countries where water can be scarce. I know the idea of it can be difficult to process. I'm sure some of you are imagining a cluster of breakfast bars, smeared all over a lettuce, or finding a piece of sweetcorn in amongst your steamed cabbage, but it's not like that.

Here's a link to a page with more information than I have to give. It does refer to a specific commercial component, but in doing so explains the principles of DCTs very well.

If you have experienced using or building a DCT, please share in the comments.

Thank you for reading and keep surviving.

Judageddon out.

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Posted by Judageddon Tue, March 17, 2015 12:20:07

Thanks Di. It's great to hear comments from people with first hand experience, particularly positive ones.

Posted by Di Billinge Sat, February 28, 2015 09:57:32

I have been living with a composting toilet from sun-mar for 10 years and feel it is a positive step to take, as you are in control of your own waste, and it is good for the garden, I put the waste on the compost pile to break down with the veg. waste before I use it, probably 6-12 months later. I also have friends who have home made composting toilets and they work well too.