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Gaz and Lou's Safe House

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Congratulations Survivor and welcome to Gaz and Lou's Safehouse. From now until the cloud comes down we'll be posting and sharing all the info we can find to help you live, eat and travel safely, with as little energy, money, and environmental impact as possible.

Everything you need

ShelterPosted by Judageddon Tue, February 10, 2015 20:19:50

Hello Fellow Survivors

Having dealt with the things I'd need to survive in a car, I decided to compile a list of everything I'd need to survive in a house. It started out well, but whenever I saw someone else's list, I saw things I'd missed off. I'd end up stuck in a house with plenty of things to entertain the mind, but not to exercise the body, and condoms never crossed my mind.

So, to keep it brief, here's the longest list with fifty items, then a link to fifty more:

Fifty things you need to survive off grid.

Thanks to

Thanks for reading and keep surviving.

Judageddon out.

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