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Gaz and Lou's Safe House

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Congratulations Survivor and welcome to Gaz and Lou's Safehouse. From now until the cloud comes down we'll be posting and sharing all the info we can find to help you live, eat and travel safely, with as little energy, money, and environmental impact as possible.

Build your own grow tower

Feed your groupPosted by Judageddon Tue, January 13, 2015 10:03:09

Hello Survivors

'How can I build one of these myself?' you're probably thinking. The example in yesterdays video looked complicated, I thought.

So, after watching a lot of videos, I've found what I think to be the simplest self build to produce a robust and re useable tower. The guy from MIgardener explains and justifies each step clearly and thoroughly.

What tools will you need? An electric drill. As you are a survivor, I assume you have an electric drill. if you don't, please try to borrow before trekking into town.

Here's the video:

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